Training : Unlocking Mobile Engagement

Mobile is the new face of engagement.  Take advantage of the enormous growth of mobile internet usage for citizen dialogues with this one day masterclass.  We teach you how to approach mobile participation for effective and meaningful with this one-day course.

Benefits to you and your organisation

Only 12% of council websites are easy to access and navigate from a typical mobile device, despite rapid increases in mobile web use, according to the latest “Better Connected” review of all UK council websites. Overall, however, standards of usability from mobile devices have improved over the past year.

You will be able to start developing your mobile content strategy, understand the risks and constraints and possibiilties for mobile data consumption.  Your organisation will benefit from the ability to reach wider, more diverse audiences and increase productivity by working smarter and always on the go.

Who this course is for

This is an in-depth course for web content managers, marketeers or those involved in engagement and communications.

What you will learn

  • How mobile is relevant to your business.
  • How to best format content for mobile devices.
  • The behaviours of citizens, consumers and customers on the mobile channel.
  • Practical examples of existing innovation.
  • How to harness mobile technologies such as NFC and QR.
  • To manipulate mobile for marketing and place based purposes.

Headline Course Contents

  • Understanding  mobile consumption behaviours
  • Using mobile capabilities to innovate
  • How to construct an effective mobile experience
  • Technologies, devices and platforms
  • Practical examples of mobile apps
  • Application ideas
  • Hands-on with mobile social technologies such as NFC and QR.
  • Designing for mobile web – characteristics and constraints
  • Using place
  • Proximity Marketing
  • Consulting with SMS
  • Apps versus web services




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