Warning on web only

Recently the government has been reverting to “web only” tactics in an effort to get us to channel shift.  However, it doesn’t always work…
This week there are two good examples of catastrophic failure.  Firstly, DVLA Registratons (a direct.gov site) where people could buy new “11” plate registrations from 8.30am on 07/12.  You can’t buy a direct registration any other way.  What happened?  A massive spike in web traffic resulting in a complete crash of the system and telephone support for the whole day.

Funny thing is there was already a warning shot in the name of Tesco clubcard.   Servers at Tesco were unable to meet demand for the last minute rush to convert vouchers.  This had follow-on impact with telephone customer services.

The morale of this story?  Well, just don’t muck about with transaction deadlines or set yourself up for an avalanche.  And if you do, plan ahead and be sure your kit is up to the job!

At least with the phone you know you’re in a fair queue.  On the web, it could be a combination of luck, skill or even down to your location or ISP.

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