FOI Fowl Play?

I’m a big fan of the MySociety site whatdotheyknow? although I’m also starting to see that the loal authority burden of releasing information is becoming a drain – particularly when the requests are from researchers or journalists…or for commerical gain.

For example, isn’t it ironic that people are asking a raft of searching questions about spending in order to uncover a story about excess when the process itself adds to the taxpayers’ bill.  Having worked for local government for some time now I’m confident that there’s not much to hide.  Heck, it’s hard enough to buy a pen.

So I’m surprised by a recent FOI by a MySociety founding member to a number of local authorities asking about the cost of their ePetition facilities.  Not least becuase they’re in the epetition sales market but also because they’re using their own service in a way in which to me, morally, feels wrong.

What gives?

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