Email from PM(s)

Dear Colleague

Last month we wrote to public sector workers asking for your help to identify savings we can make as part of our nationwide spending challenge. Some cynics said that people wouldn’t bother to take part. Others said that even if ideas came forward, the government would ignore them. On both fronts they’ve been proved wrong.

Your response has been magnificent. Over 63,000 good and constructive ideas on how we can do things differently and save money came in – in just two weeks. The ideas range from the simple – like getting cheaper mobile phone contracts – to the fundamental, like completely changing all computer software used by departments.

All suggestions are being looked at seriously. Right now, officials in our departments are working through your ideas, finding the best ones to be taken forward to the Spending Review when it is completed in October.

When we say we’re all in this together we mean it. This spending challenge just shows there is so much we can achieve when we work together. So to everyone who got involved and sent in ideas – thank you.

Prime Minister               Deputy Prime Minister


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