Archive: Start the year with a health kick

It looks like the new year shine is heading health-side. It started when the good folks at Connecting Bristol wrote an article about the use of the Nintendo Wii in telehealth.

I’ve been looking into local health inequalities, a ‘red flag’ item for the North Lincolnshire LSP . Project idea in the pipeline when Adrian Capon from NLC spotted an article about a similar project launch from the shiny people at Delib.

While my idea was more about horizontal dialogues it was interesting to read that they have developed their own platform, particularly when there are well established services such as PatientOpinion and UserVoice.

James Munro of Patient Opinion sent me a quick email about some of his recent successes. The second article sort of sets out the business case for this type of project.……

I feel a follow-up post coming on about open data. Signpost yourself to the most excellent Kent Pick-and-Mix and you’ll see why a number of councils are starting to open up their databases.

Finally I have to give a shout out to the new Humberside Police website. There’s still more potential but it looks and feels 100% better than the old one.

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