Linc up live

This week I had the pleasure of attending LincUpLive, an annual conference in Lincoln relating to business growth within the region.  The format was a bit old school (expensive to get in, speaker slots, lavish lunches) but there were some genuinely good presentations.

My fave was Dr David Rae on ‘Inside Entrepreneurs’ although Redg Snodgrass held a good session on ‘wearable tech’ [although we didn’t get to see the result of his Google Glasses].

So, Dr Rae argues that everybody is born creative.  Some are more creative as individuals and others are more creative in groups.   Creativity is more likely to happen when there is mindfulness – giving people the time and space to contemplate, away from distraction…and in the modern world, there are plenty of distractions!

A whole bunch of things came up during the day – including a number of tricks to increase your bottom line liek the power of 1%.

Dr Rae gave a fascinating session on how the subconscious was faster at decision making than the conscious and how we have all been shaped by key ‘moments’.  Many of us, myself included, have had ‘chance meetings’ which have helped our careers or goals – confidence and putting yourself forward in group experiences is therefore important.

It resonated when we started to talk about being an entrepreneur.  Most people don’t label themselves as an entrepreneur but acknowledged that they might think as one.  Something he calls  ‘opportunity centered learning’.

I like the notion that earning only really comes into play when you put education into practice.  We also spoke about company founders and how they can get in the way of progress.  For example, Ryanair is almost entirely modeled on the personality of Michael O’Leary.

To conclude the session, Dr Rae gave his thoughts on the top three attributes of successful entrepreneurs:-

  • They are proactive (i.e. have self-belief)
  • They are persistent
  • They are understanding that they will need to work with others who are better than them.  Work collaboratively and be weary of their limitations.


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