10 principles for great health marketing

Something I found that I rather like :  10 principles for great health marketing (Public Health England’s published 10 principles for great health marketing, written by Kevin Fenton, (September 2013).

Digital marketing is so undervalued…

  1. Make it easy, fun and popular – this is the most important one!
  2. Embrace popular culture, don’t ignore it. Do you know what your audience watches, buys and feels? If not then why not? The most popular media channel for young people is YouTube so that’s where we focus our national investment.
  3. Have behavioural objectives, not ‘awareness’ objectives. Awareness isn’t a goal in itself – just because people know something doesn’t mean they will do something.
  4. Have deep insight into the way the target audience lives their lives – if people buy their food daily on offer from low-cost supermarkets then do we reflect that in the recipes we provide to them?
  5. Focus on the benefits of a product (more time with your grandchildren) not the features (a healthcheck)
  6. Be evidence based, and make sure your work is contributing to the evidence base – test, test, test.
  7. Be obsessed with User Experience –we know that context and heuristics matter disproportionately – make it as easy as possible to get involved and stay involved
  8. Use behavioural science as a foundation when you’re building programmes – we know that rational linear theories of change such as Prochaska don’t work, don’t use them!
  9. Think big about the potential of technology – why can’t change4life give every primary school child an accelerometer based tool and promote a mass intervention. Why can’t we take the pulse of millions via a mobile phone app and help if some have arrhythmia?
  10. Integrate with other policy levers and partners for bigger impact


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